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A finished product is only as good as its ingredients! Cumberland provides a supremely pure and potent 100% Certified Organic CBD base your brand can build its product line on. Cumberland Organics Oils are clinically vetted, tested and tagged allowing tracking all the way back to the original field of harvest. Cumberland’s comprehensive method of hemp extraction creates the large-scale uniformity needed to supply scientifically sound, reliable CBD Crude and Distillate for an enormous variety of CBD-centered goods.

Consumers are increasingly invested in understanding the source and impact of the products they use. Cumberland Extracts, Inc.’s team is equally invested in providing organic, high-quality CBD crude and distillate oil with full transparency and traceability from farm to finished product. From the USDA Certified Organic hemp planted and harvested locally to our organic extraction and distillation methods, and verified with extensive third-party ISO Certified laboratory testing, the Cumberland Extracts Inc. philosophy is that great products have nothing to hide!

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Learn more about our hemp’s organic beginnings and Cumberland’s growing standards

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Learn more about our clean extraction and distillation methods as well as product information

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Learn more about Cumberland’s Compliance, Organic Certifications, and Testing Standards

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Cumberland Extracts Inc. - CBD Oil Wholesaler

Cumberland Extracts Inc. Is a USDAOC Wholesale provider of quality hemp distillate and crude for CBD production lines. If this sounds like you and you'd like to work us, we'd love to hear from you.

Cumberland Extracts Inc.

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